• QML RadialBarShape

    In my previous blog post I have shown how to create a RadialBar using QQuickPaintedItem. Now I have rewritten the RadialBar using the Qt Quick Shapes module which was available in Qt since the version Qt 5.10. Here in this post I will explain how to use Qt Quick Shapes to create the Radial Bar […]


  • Shared QML Component Library

    Here is my latest post on QML after a long time. In this post I am going to explain how you can bundle a set of QML files to a module and make it shareable so that any other QML application can load and use it. If you have any of the component which is […]

  • QML RadialBar component

    Radial Bar is a highly customizable QML component created using QQuickPaintedItem class. This is a useful component to be used for any QML application to show the status of progress. Following are the list of main properties supported by this component. startAngle spanAngle minValue maxValue value dialWidth backgroundColor foregroundColor progressColor textColor penStyle suffixText showText dialType […]

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